Recent Projects

Below are our latest custom projects from clients or prototypes from our workshop. We are always experimenting and seeking unique, creative projects. Add the custom project card to your cart and describe the kind of project you had in mind during checkout.

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Laser Engraved Laser Cut Build (assembled piece)

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Make It Yours

Add custom engravings to your personal items

Items must fit within a voume of 19" x 11" x 2" and must not have high curvature in desired engraving area.

Metal items must be evaluated by us for engraving compatibility.



Our Glowforge machine gives us high-fidelity, professional-grade laser cutting capabilities without the sacrifices of high cost, frequent maintenence, or technical voodoo. This allows us to put our full concentration on making your order the highest quality possible.

With special alignment tools for extra precision and large volume jobs, we can provide laser services for just about anyone, no matter how simple or complex the idea.

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