We help individuals, companies and organizations create stunning designs with the aid of our Glowforge laser cutter and engraver.


Our company consists of a two-person, mother-son team with a ton of experience across a wide variety of creative disciplines from web design to stamping. With the support of the rest of our family, we help bring a little more creativity and unique design products to Granbury and other communities.

We are devoted to our customers and work tirelessly to provide a beautiful, useful product to anyone who contacts us with a project in mind. Whether it's a simple personal item or 400 unique and elaborate tokens for advertising/marketing, we put the same amount of effort into making it exactly as you want.


Forge Laser Creations & Designs comes from the idea of starting from scratch, putting in hard work, and engaging in the ancient, classic art of craftsmanship. It was also inspired by the name of our main tool, “Glowforge”.


We are proud to be a part of the Granbury Chamber of Commerce, joining other Granbury business owners in making Granbury a great place to own and run a business.

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